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  • ghartc
    Sep 4, 2005
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      Some of the gorgeous photos being posted to the
      groups are perhaps bigger than necessary. We have
      about 20 or 30 meg of storage and half or three-
      quarter meg (500-750 Kb) files fill them up pretty

      In fact, it really shouldn't take more than 100 -
      130 Kb to get a really good-looking ~800x600 JPG.

      (By the way, I can't do this for you - when I repost
      your resize image, I become the new "owner" of that
      image and the originator won't be able to control it.)

      So, here is how you can help. First, download a free
      copy of Thumbsplus from

      1. Open and RESAVE your images. Many cameras apply almost
      no compression to imges in the interest of time. If you are
      still too big,

      2. Resize your image or crop it to 800x600 or so. If it's a
      B&W, try a TIF RESAVE and see if it gets smaller.

      3. If you are scanning a b&w magazine, try setting your scanner
      to black and white (2 bit color). There's no sense in creating
      a huge image just because of unnecessary color depth.

      Scans of drawings is one case where a big image (if you can
      manage the file size) can be argued for - to be able to read
      the notation.

      4. Finally - please! - orgaize your images into a folder. I hate
      to trim some of the great photos clogging the root directory.

      So, pictures posters - please check your latest pics (there are
      some big ones in bolger5) and see if you can do a little pruning.

      - -
      This topic is a little "off topic", so if you have questions or
      comments, you are welcome to contact me off-list.

      Thanks, Gregg Carlson/moderator
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