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4512Re: [bolger] Electric auxiliary engine

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  • edward haile
    May 2, 2000
      Hi Gordon,

      Have you heard of "The Electric Wheel"? I picked up a brochure at the
      Annapolis boat show in '97 or '98, and I am still not quite sure what it is.
      I quote from the brochure:

      "The sailboat did 6k for 17-1/2 hrs (1200 watts burn rate) from a single
      charge, with three solar panels and regenerative feedback." "The sailboat
      did 2.7k with only one motor, demonstrating the redundant emergency
      operation." The boat was an old 33' mahogany yacht. The principle seems to
      be very high power at very low rpm. Weighs 50lbs.

      Ed Haile

      >From: Gordon Couger <gcouger@...>
      >Reply-To: bolger@egroups.com
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      >Subject: [bolger] Electric auxiliary engine
      >Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 20:08:52 -0500
      >I was looking at this issue of MIB and noticing what an intrusion the
      >engine compartment made in Bolger's small cruiser.
      >Wheels started turning in my head, did a little math and concluded
      >that a hybrid electric set up would be possible. Using 2 90 amp
      >12 V alternators to produce about 120 amps would convert to
      >about 2 hp. It might take a 8 or 10 hp engine to run them but
      >a 2 hp electric motor will do about the same work as a 4 or 5 hp
      >IC engine You would not necessarily need a IC engine capable
      >of developing full power of the electric motor. The battery bank
      >could greatly increases the output of the electric motor for fairly
      >lone periods of time.
      >I see several advantages to the system. First the motor starts
      >instantly every time when running off batteries. The shaft can be
      >parallel to the thrust line because the motor can be mounted
      >in the keel. You have a great deal more control of the motor
      >a low RPM. The IC motor does not have sit smack in the middle
      >of the boat just where you want to be it could be mounted to one
      >side under the seat and the batteries mounted on the opposite side
      >to balance the weight. Most of the time you could run on batteries
      >alone with no need of the IC engine. Some folks would probably
      >not even install and IC engine If all they needed and auxiliary for
      >was to clear the harbor and maneuver in tight spots.
      >I see a few draw backs as well. Over all higher cost. More parts
      >make more places for problems and more cost of maintenance. Poorer
      >over all efficiency. If you had to make a long run on the auxiliary you
      >would probably need a bigger IC engine to get the same performance
      >as a conventional set up.
      >Just some thoughts.
      >Gordon Couger gcouger@...
      >Stillwater, OK www.couger.com/gcouger
      >405 624-2855 GMT -6:00

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