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4510Re: [bolger] Electric auxiliary engine

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  • Roger Dewhurst
    May 2, 2000
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      At 18:13 2/05/00 -0500, you wrote:
      >We don't seem to have the thievery problem here in gun-totin' Southeast

      You are lucky. Perhaps we need to tote a little more artillery!
      >I didn't like the fumes (2-stroke), noise, or the drag (my well was small,
      >couldn't tilt the outboard for sailing).

      Have you seen those motor mount boards that lie parallel to the transom on a
      parallelogram frame which has horizontal pivoting axes also parallel to the
      transom. Mounted on these you simply lift the motor with a bit of help from
      a pair of big springs. You may even have to push the motor down to lock it
      in the drive position.

      >Also, it takes up valuable space
      >and cuts out a lot of planing area aft in a planing boat. There, that's my
      >whole rant.

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