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4475Peero Update

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  • C. O'Donnell
    May 1, 2000
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      Two weekends from now is the annual Chesapeake Light Craft "Okumestock"
      (a sort of a sponsored Messabout: other makers' boats are welcome, but
      the main theme is all the CLC demo boats in one place and ready for
      people to try out).

      I'm spiffing up (springtime patch and paint, you know) John Harris'
      gray Bolger Sailing Peero with gaff sail for the event and I will try
      and make sure to get a bunch of photos there which I can post to the
      Files vault for everyone's ed-ya-fication.

      By the way, anyone who's interested in attending needs to visit the web

      http://www.clcinc.com (I think it is).

      People who come far can get accommodations at the site, which is a
      church meeting grounds on the West River. I don't suppose there's any
      objection on the part of CLC if people drop by on one day or the other,
      but registered people get food, lodging, and a packet of assorted