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  • Bob Manton
    Apr 30, 2000
      I would like to say, that I think that a lot of the problems with
      sheathing a hull with poly, have been to do with the preperation and
      the way the job was done.
      I have had a lot of success ( no failures after 10 years in one case).
      The method I always use, is to sand off the hull (plywood) with a 16
      or 24 grit sanding disk, on a 100 mm (4") grinder, the rougher the
      better. get your glass cut to fit C.S.M. Mix up a coat of resin,with
      a "hot mix". and thin, with acetone, enough to make it really runny.
      My theory , is that it must be runny enough to penentrate the fibres
      of the timber. The acetone, evaporates away, as soon as you brush it
      on and leaves the resin as a "primer". When this is just "going off",
      start laying up the glass with more resin , but this time without
      thinning it.I always use chopped strand mat, and not cloth, I think
      you get a better bond.
      hoipe this helps, Bob