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44348Re: [bolger] Re: Commonsense Skiff

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  • James Greene
    Jul 3, 2005
      Wow, when I was thinking abut glass over foam construction I was
      considering 1 inch foam or thicker for the hulls. You guys are using
      foam that's less than half this thickness! Interesting ...

      James Greene

      On Jul 3, 2005, at 09:58, gbship wrote:

      > A friend
      > laminated a couple layers of glass on either side of 3/8 inch foam (I
      > think that was the thickness) and you could whack it with a hammer
      > without damage and it was considerably lighter than a ply sandwich
      > would have been. I made some hatches for our Frolic2 of glass over 1/4-
      > inch foam and those are reasonably strong, and very light, but not
      > strong enough for use for a hull.
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