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44306Re: Pontoon Boats, HP, Fuel economy (was: Delaware concept--trawler yacht)

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  • Stefan Probst
    Jun 30, 2005
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      --- "John Bell" <smallboatdesigner@m...> wrote:
      > This correlates very well with the speed at which we
      > see water breaking cleanly from the transoms.
      > Both before and after the break, speed is exactly linear
      > to power applied.

      Would be interesting to see photos of both situations, as well as your

      > Therefore, I come to the preliminary conclusion that fairing
      > the sterns of the pontoons would definitely pay if you never
      > operate above 1.34*SQRT(WL)

      Hull speed is an effect of the bow wave.
      I don't know whether a pantoon boat with a sharp no-wave-making bow is
      an oxymoron. But if the bow makes no or little waves, then what
      meaning does 1.34*SQRT(WL) have? Why would the WL then influence the
      behaviour at the stern?

      This issue is in the end very similar to my transom question on the
      design list.

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