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  • Bjørn Harbo
    Jun 1, 2005
      Thanx Bob. I will try to scrape it off and maybe some alcohol if
      necessary. It should not be necessary to remove everything (silicone
      i.e.) though.
      Final results will be reported.
      On Wed, 2005-06-01 at 13:37 +0000, Bob Chamberland wrote:
      > Dow Corning OS-2 Silicone and Surface Prep Solvent may do it. My 25
      > year old Lexan Mfg specifcation says NEVER use Benzene, gasoline,
      > acetone or carbon tetrachloride on LEXAN sheet products. Compatible
      > cleaners listed are Formula 409, Freon TF, Joy, Palmaolive Liquid, Top
      > Job, VM&P grade Naphtha, Windex with Ammonia D. (none of which are
      > likely to remove silicone. Search "silicone removal" on Google and you
      > will see many sources of info. I suggest a call to your nearest Dow
      > Corning distributor or better yet factory rep. Dealers are not much help.
      > Bob Chamberland
      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Bjørn Harbo <bharbo@o...> wrote:
      > > I had to remove some of the windows of my WDJ, partly due to the repair
      > > of the leeboard-brackets og partly because they leaked. The windows have
      > > been fastened to the hull with ordinary silicone sealer (sealant?) and
      > > galvanized screws (to be substituded with brass screws). Before
      > > remounting them I have to remove the residue of sealant from the
      > > windows. It sticks like nothing I have seen. Somebody told me that using
      > > solvent on lexan windows is contraindicated - they would disintegrate.
      > > Scraping of the sealant from six BIG windows is one h... of a job -
      > > besides the side effect of scratching the surface.
      > > My question: can I use some sort of solvent?
      > > Bjorn in Oslo
      > > eager to get Esmeralda into the fjord
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