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435[bolger] Re: "Step" Sneakeasy

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  • G Carlson
    Oct 5, 1999
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      No, we've had 6 more than once, and 4 is easy...

      > Thanks Gregg,
      > All I intended was to keep the plumb sides, but increase beam to 5'0".
      > I wasn't sure how long ago the piece in BWOM had been written and if PCB
      > had drawn up plans in the mean time. What's the max. on passengers? 2?4?
      > ghc <ghart-@...> wrote:
      >original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/bolger/?start=421
      >> I ordered the "square" plans from Payson, and completed the "step"
      >> using the book. I believe the book says there are (were?) no expansions
      >> available for the step type.
      >> There seems to be plenty of room in my boat, 3 a breast gets cozy, but not
      >> oo bad. Hard to know what you mean by "hurt", but you are suggesting
      >> increasing the boat size by 25%, plus wetted area. Or, if you mean to
      >> flare the sides, then you have changed the boat in more ways than one...
      >> Gregg C.
      >> At 04:17 PM 10/3/1999 -0700, you wrote:
      >> > Is the "step" version of Sneakeasy a separate set of plans? I
      >> >received the study plan from HHP, but makes no mention of the "step"
      >> >variation. If you want to build one, do you just use the information in
      >> >BWOM or contact PCB? Also would it hurt the design if the upper portion
      >> >were widened to 5'0" in order to gain a little more elbow room for the
      >> >occupants?
      >> >
      >> >
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