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43327Re: [bolger] Re: 55 foot sharpie

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  • Ron Badley
    May 3, 2005
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      Jeez, I kinda liked it. The layout doesn't suit my needs. If it was
      changed around a bit a sunken cockpit would take care of the upper most
      box. I'd put the cockpit right under the main sheet horse traveller
      thingie-ma-bob. Paint on a nice sheer line and away you go.

      I see allot of Sir Joseph Banks in the 55 footer. I'd guess the 55 is
      an older design. That long keel seems like a backwards step from
      something like the board on Loose Moose. We have no idea how much of
      the 55 was the whim of the client and how much was Phil's own musings.


      I like the mural too!
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