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43316[bolger] Re: old Birdwatcher web site

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  • craig o'donnell
    May 2, 2005
      Craig, I'd be interested in hearing of your experiences sailing the
      BW. I have WB 179 with Mason Smith's write up as well as the August
      and Sept 2004 MAIBs dedicated to the BW in "Bolger on Design." I was
      not attracted to the BW until I saw pics of it in WB -- looks much
      better than the drawings can communicate. I keep wondering if that
      particular boat might not be a good candidate for sailing on the
      Great Lakes. I could have been sailing by now despite the cold and 35
      degree water!


      I can address rowing (ungainly) but this is the first summer she'll be
      rigged. The boat is far more attractive in person than in drawings -- no
      question there.
      Craig O'Donnell
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