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42930Re: [bolger] Re: Bolger Manatee Chinese Gaff Rig Critique

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Mar 31, 2005
      > I've not found my helming adequate for keeping her goosewinged very long. I'm
      > usually watching the main, and the mizzen gets gybed.

      I can ditto that. There is plenty of sail in the main to achieve hull speed,
      and worrying about whether the mizzen gybes does doesn't seem important.

      Don't forget that the biggest reason for the Chinese Gaff is to have
      excellent control over the reefing. That, it does, very well!

      Another reason for the Chinese Gaff is to have lots of low stress
      sheeting points, again, it does that well too.

      [As an aside, this weekend I plan to to take off my battens and
      (using my electric planner) taper them to improve the airfoil shape
      of the sail. My battens are currently too stiff.]
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