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42451Re: [bolger] Re: Bought Bolger books!

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  • Dan Burrill
    Mar 4, 2005
      >>In a second-hand bookshop in the South-East of England I was
      > delighted this
      >>week to find a copy of The Folding Schooner and 30 Odd Boats for £35
      > the
      >>pair! Lovely...
      >>I don't know how many copies were ever sold here, but my strong
      > impression
      >>is that the number must be very few, so I feel very lucky.

      I'd agree with that.

      The only Bolger book I have at the moment is BWAOM, though I've got both
      of Payson's Instant Boat books and a couple of his smaller ones (Bobcat
      and the Glocester Light Dory). The cheapest I can find any of PCB's
      other books on Bookfinder.com is about £35-£50 each, with shipping &
      handling adding 25-40% on top of that.

      Having said that, when I get myself a job again (and have found my
      currently missing cat) I'll probably end up paying for them, as they're
      high on the list of 'must have' acquisitions for my library.

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