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42377Re: [bolger] Re: High surf advisory where I live.

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Mar 2, 2005
      > Do you surf the Mavericks break?

      You have to be a prime physical specimen to
      survive that surf, and I am not that!
      IE, if you are a 1/10th of a second late, you free fall 30+
      feet into the trough, 100 tons of water crash on you
      pushing you another 30 feet to the rocky bottom,
      it takes a minute to figure out which way is up and
      swim back to the surface, and immediately another
      100 tons of water push you back down.

      > it an offshore wind? Kinda looks like it from the photos. Did you have
      > to tack back to shore? How did the boat hold up in those conditions?
      > How is windage from the cabin? Overall, what are your impressions so
      > far? I really like the looks of the Navigator option, but look forward
      > to hearing more about the performance.

      I am very excited about Micro Navigator. An early decision I made
      was to choose a microcruiser with no compromise that I also
      wanted a racer. The glasshouse cabin is warm, cushy and
      wonderful having nearly full standing headroom for me six feet
      tall plus two full length berths, upholstered like living room sofas
      with picture windows all around.

      The Cat Yawl rig feels great, and the reefing system works like
      a charm. Overall the 'feel' of the boat is safe, powerful, comfortable
      and stable. All this in a 15'4" package.

      I haven't really tested the windward ability yet, and I don't really
      care. Sailing for fun, I choose a broad reach. I have only sailed it
      once, and it certainly felt fast. Also, the guy I talked to at the
      dock who had been watching me commented that it looked fast.
      [probably somewhat of an illusion due to the small size of the boat]

      I imagine that if simply have to get to windward fast, I will fire up
      the motor. Indeed, in San Francisco, you got to pay attention to
      the currents which can easily overwhelm a boat with a hull speed
      like mine. Plus most of the good sail routes from downtown, as
      I see it, are reaches during the prevailing westerlies.

      I am not pessimistic about the pointing ability, especially after I
      tune the taper(s) of my full width battens to give the sail a
      better airfoil shape. Presently, they are too stiff, and the sail
      is a bit too flat.

      I have just a few nits to pick. The Honda 9.9 outboard I got
      for cheap should have been a short shaft, and could be much
      smaller horse power. Presently, it is full hull speed ahead at
      just above idle.

      Rigging the sail off a trailer takes an hour or so, but my long
      term intentions are to keep it in a marina and day sail it anyway.

      When I want to slow speed maneuver at the dock or the ramp,
      things get awkward. I have fabricated up a 'jellyfish push oar'
      to a [telescoping swimming pool brush handle / boat hook] to
      help with these situations. I am not sure that the cabin
      windage is a big part of the problem or not, as the fin keel
      presents a pretty big area of lateral resistance, plus the
      boat has a strong forward momentum [where are the brakes!]

      Also, my self engineered photovoltaic system isn't charging
      the batteries, which is annoying. And, I still get a cup or
      two of water leaking in though the topsides somewhere
      when it rains hard, arrgh.
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