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  • Richard Spelling
    Feb 13, 2005
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      Talk to Vincenzo Ciminale. He uses a jib, and a mizzen staysail...


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "seagulloutb" <dickburnham1@a...>
      > Thinking about the earlier conversation here on the use/design of
      > foresails on the Chebacco, I wrote to Fraser Howell up in Nova
      > Scotia. Fraser, in my opinion, was a heck of an experimenter with
      > jibs and the like on his Chebacco. Here are his comments from a
      > private email to me:
      > =======
      > "I think that a spinnaker may be too much for an unstayed wooden
      > mast, at
      > least in anything greater that 10 kt. I've found that it is easy
      > overpower I @ S. Plus who needs it. Chebacco goes like stink off
      > wind without one. The only time I've been in real difficulty is
      > too
      > much power dead downwind. The jib is problematic. Its good in
      > breezes, but with the main up, needs two people to handle if you
      > going to be tacking much. Too many lines to handle alone,
      > in
      > close quarters. I wisker it out no the boathook when running.
      > However,
      > jib and mizzen alone can be handy for trolling or just making
      > boats wonder what the heck you are! I had hoped that a jib would
      > improve
      > upwind performance, but it doesn't. I can tack through 90 degrees,
      > but
      > am pinching to do so."
      > ====
      > Moreover I contacted Sailrite and got their fix (of course they
      > and might not be able to say "not needed" but in any event): add a
      > bow sprit and then a larger jib is something they'd do (for over
      > as a kit); or add a 6 to 8' pole for an even larger sail, and
      > come up with an asymmetrical spinnaker. But, given Fraser's
      > as well as Phil Bolger's design drawing of the sail plan, I'd not
      > tempted, at least not for the coming season.
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