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41752Folding schooner holiday to remember

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  • pauldayau
    Feb 3, 2005
      We just got back from 10 days on the southern ocean with the
      schooner. the highlight was finally getting an experienced crewand
      then saing across the Esperence bay under full sail. instead of
      holding the tillerwe steered by tweeking themain and jib. on a leg of
      5 Nm. with practice we even pulled off atack. It took 3 goes.
      I am truelly impressed by the shallow endplate rudder we were
      trialling. it draws 10 inches. when sailing I found that it steadied
      the boatand never gaveany trouble. when motoring we often had
      problems with cavitation , even though the O/B is a long shaft.
      further out in the bay we rode some glorious swells, on shore my
      wife said that a few times we disappeared in the troughs.
      The fishing was superb. we developed a system of tying 8 lines only
      6 ft long to the side of the boat then rowing close to the wharf and
      enticing the fish out with burley,we would have a frenzy of fish
      landing in the boat, then Security would turn up and order us to move
      away from the wharf. by rowing slowly we would get the fish to keep
      on coming.
      The important thing was to not have the O/B in the water, and when
      other boats turned up we would pretend we wer'nt catching anything.
      THis working thing sucks.
      cheers Paul