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41719Re: [bolger] Re: Micro Sunny Sailing and Free Flooding Wisdom

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  • Will Samson
    Feb 1, 2005
      Not sure I've fully grasped this, but if It's what I think then I had a similar situation with my Chebacco, which was also a tad nose-down at the mooring. As Peter suggests, I had my mooring chain terminate at a big inflatable float, and a couple of stout mooring strops (Nylon) from the top of the chain to the stem of the boat. Why two strops? Well, if one happened to chafe through in a storm, the other would still be there to keep things together until I had a chance to get out and do some replacement.

      Having done all that, the Chebacco was still an inch or two down by the bows, but trimmed nicely when I heaved my vast bulk into the cockpit.

      I wonder if there's some way of tying on an inflatable fender under the forefoot, at the mooring, to float it a little higher? I'm sure I've heard of people doing that with Micros and Jessies; I think Chuck Merrell called it a 'training bra'. It has the welcome side effect of reducing pounding at anchor.

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      > Also when I tie up at the mooring, I notice that she's a bit stem
      > bown, stern up due to the weight of the mooring chain and rope.
      > may cause the forward free flooding area to be flooded more than
      > Cheers,
      > John


      I see the problem now,says the blind man :-D
      Perhaps you just need to put a mooring float at the upper end of
      your mooring chain thus relieving the stem of having to float that
      weight of the chain thus it has only to support the weight of the
      line or rope used to secure yourself to the float.
      . . .

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