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41717Re: Micro Sunny Sailing and Free Flooding Wisdom

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  • mannthree
    Jan 31, 2005
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Peter Lenihan" <peterlenihan@h...> wrote:


      You are absolutely correct that a cool beer sipped leasurely whilst
      leaning back in the cockpit of the Micro is definitely my definition
      of Heaven on Earth. The Micro is such good sailor that one rarely
      spills any of the liquid amber due to having to perform frantic
      tacking antics that seem to be happening amongst the racing fleets. I
      am continuously amazed that they all seem to be in a bloody great
      hurry to get to that next buoy and to "starboard" out any opposition
      who happen to be in their way. Sydney harbour can be a Microcosm of
      life in any big city with people full of testosterone, attitude and in
      a hurry to get nowhere, but I still love the place.

      The drain holes in Time Out are above the water line at rest. Having
      said that, I think that I could do with a little more ballast as when
      a get an extra 100 kilos (220lbs) in the boat she does stand up better
      in a blow, plus she seems to "bounce" around less in a harbour chop.
      Also when I tie up at the mooring, I notice that she's a bit stem
      bown, stern up due to the weight of the mooring chain and rope. This
      may cause the forward free flooding area to be flooded more than usual,


      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "mannthree" <johnmann@i...> wrote:
      > >
      > I began to wonder about the free
      > > flooding areas in my Micro which is permanently moored for quick
      > > sailing. > Regards to all frozen Northern Hemispherers from
      > Sydney the Sunny
      > > Harbour City
      > >
      > > John Mann
      > Hi John,
      > What a delightful read! It certainly brought me back to many
      > fine,fine memories with my old Micro LESTAT.The conditions you
      > describe,windwise, are the charm numbers for the Micro.Your whole
      > attitude,while sailing,is to be lauded,
      > for it is indeed this relaxed posture which the Micro can so easily
      > induce in mere mortals.
      > My only real concern addresses your health...hydralically
      > speaking.Nowhere do you mention the location of your cooler nor the
      > frequency of its' use.Modern medicine has long since concluded the
      > need to remain well hydrated to avoid serious health issues.The best
      > way to do so,according to them pro's,is to use a pro-active
      > approach.That is;do not wait until you feel thirsty,begin hydrating
      > early in the day,maintain a steady rate of flow until well after
      > sunset or sedation....This has always worked extremely well for
      > myself,especially on those days with a slight overcast,where one can
      > be lulled into a false sense of security since the suns true effects
      > appear diminished.Be wary! Hydrate early:-)
      > As to the drain holes in the free-flooding wells of the
      > Micro:Your description of them is similar to the ones installed on
      > LESTAT.However,I did not fiberglass the inside,only sealing with
      > epoxy sealer(Industrial Formulators S-1 sealer). I also did not
      > install the foam insulation,per plan,instead opting for max.internal
      > volumes. At the height of the foam indicated on the plans,I
      > installed a mahogany plywood sole with lift out sections to give
      > access to the anchor and rhode,stored under this sole.( I suspect
      > the bucket Nels refers to is the "head"..5 gallon bucket with snap-
      > on toilet seat cover..not for anchor and rhode storage Nels ;-0)
      > My boat was kept in the water six months per year and stored on
      > frozen land for the other six months.Mind you,this is not salt
      > water,with that rich ragu of flora and fauna but so called fresh
      > water.Here it is a rich toxic blend of chemicals and about the only
      > critter that became notorious for grief was/is the itsy-bitsy Zebra
      > mussel.Famed for cloggin' up city water intakes,marine engine
      > cooling intakes and clearing up the water of all suspended
      > particules, these little bastards are too small to make a proper
      > meal,unlike their delicious and much bigger relatives....
      > Dust,dirt,weeds and mud are all perfect things to be found in
      > the free flooding wells and this is why them little holes you
      > installed are there.Unless something is"not quite right",these drain
      > holes should be an inch or two ABOVE the static waterline when left
      > at either a mooring or quay.Thus,a nice rain shower assists greatly
      > in keeping the wells clean,sweet and clear.This is also great for
      > taking a shower up forward as all soap and body crud get washed down
      > the drains once one returns to the cockpit.
      > Complete and total lack of any floatation is also a great and
      > strong motivator toward practicing good seamanship as the
      > consequences of recklessness may result in the total lose of the
      > boat,at worse, or a cold wet dunking in shallow water with onlookers
      > pissing themselves with laughter on the beach....:-(
      > To the best of my knowledge, that travellin' praire pirate Nels
      > has not encountered any grief with his micro bottom....ex LESTAT!
      > And so I ask, is your Micro floating to her lines?
      > Sincerely,
      > Peter Lenihan
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