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41395Re: [bolger] Re: Reply to query re: folding schooner news

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  • Gene T.
    Jan 5, 2005
      > > instead of the screw-every-three-inches called for
      > by PB, since the
      > > consensus is that fasteners aren't needed once the
      > epoxy has dried.

      It is my understanding that the nails or screws also
      serve to hold the plywood layers together, not just
      the glue joint. This could stop failure by
      delamination. glue alone only attaches the plywood by
      the one layer that has the glue on it. The fiberglass
      tape around the joint can serve this same purpose.....
      Experimentation is good, security is better! And, if
      we are talking about the chine joints, the weight is
      where it needs to be!

      Gene T.
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