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41374Re: carbon fibre option for small masts and sprits

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  • Nels
    Jan 3, 2005
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Peter Lenihan" <peterlenihan@h...>
      The bulk of the epoxy use
      > however,is yet to come since neither the outside nor inside have
      > been treated with it so far nor has the rood been installed.

      Hi Peter,

      Where are you planning to install the rood? Right next to the
      captains bed I suppose and alongside the invisible rope chest?

      When I observe Windermer's beautiful bottom with box keel and that
      absolutely magnifique centerboard I can't help but wonder if it is
      still not too late to lower that deckhouse height, add a small
      pilothouse, maybe some extra batteries for ballest, and install two
      beautifully hand-carved eastern spruce masts! Just imagine how much
      glop you will save, let alone the cost of all that interior plumbing,
      cabinetry, glitz and glitter, hot tub and expensive motor.

      All you need is a bucket, a hammock and a big cooler mate! You could
      be out sailing along the shores of the mighty St. Lawrence, in the
      schooner Windermere by the time most the ice is out. And all you will
      need is the T9.9 Yam and you wouldn't have to stop once you reached
      the ocean.

      Quite this "estuary cruiser" nonsence before it is too late!

      Best of the Year To Ya!,

      From along the shores of Moose Jaw Creek, where the temperature has
      risen 10 degrees to a balmy -25.
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