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  • W & C White
    Jan 2, 2005

      I too miss folding schooner news. I bought the plans about 10 years
      ago, but didn't begin cutting wood until the middle of this summer.
      Among other things, I had to move to (inland) Florida, then put up a
      boatshop. Got all the plywood pieces cut (marine okoume ply) and
      stacked against one of the shop doors. Then came Charley the hurricane,
      who wrought havoc hereabouts, including blowing open three of the four
      doors of the shop just before he moved on north. The unblown one was
      the one with the schooner pieces leaning against it; they all survived,
      mirabile dictu, not even wetted. The plans, tacked to a wall, were
      wetted, and disintegrated. I bought another set from Dynamite.

      My only previous boatbuilding experience was in the '70s, when I joined
      a group of guys building a fleet of Windmills in Connecticut. Since as
      a kid I sliced my fingers several times trying to build balsa models, I
      was happy to find I was a late bloomer in woodworking skills. However,
      I had a whole group of experienced teacher then, and I'm on my own now,
      so I am taking it VERY slow. Since the hurricanes (three of them passed
      through) I have built a strongback, and experimented with various
      methods of shaving the bevels on the bulkheads and frames.

      Have been intrigued with various concepts on this site as to best
      method of fastening and gluing. Plan to experiment with the
      staples-and-strapping-tape method someone posted a few months ago,
      instead of the screw-every-three-inches called for by PB, since the
      consensus is that fasteners aren't needed once the epoxy has dried. I
      am a nut for performance, and experience tells me that a light boat
      goes faster than a heavy one, and fastest if it's good and stiff.

      I'm also considering a pair of square-head sail like those on
      windsurfers and Cup boats, for better performance AND the look of a
      topsail schooner, the prettiest sail rig in my opinion.


      -- Will
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