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41360New Year's -- was carbon fibre masts

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  • Jamie Orr
    Jan 2, 2005
      Hi Gang,

      Just in from my first sail of the year. Wayward Lass is still
      waiting for her new mast so I borrowed the boy's elegant
      punt "Creamsicle".

      Hard to find enough room to get comfortable with 240 pounds and bad
      knees, but managed to find the groove a few times on both the good
      and bad tacks. Having the leeboard on the opposite side to the sprit
      boom seemed to work best and evened out the performance.

      Almost swamped once when I lost the wind suddenly. Had my weight
      well to windward, and when the wind stopped pushing, water started
      pouring in over that gunwale -- thought she was going to fill before
      I could get centred, but managed to make it. Swimming ashore is not
      a safe option in our cold waters! A few minutes work with the bailer
      put the ocean back in its place.

      Also found things unstable when running. Might have been because I
      had more wind than I really wanted, 10 knots felt like a gale. Much
      happier with about 5.

      Stopped for lunch on a sheltered beach, drank a short hot rum to the
      coming year. Things are looking good so far!

      Coming back I unshipped both rudder and leeboard and steered with an
      oar (in its regular place but trailing back). I'd started upwind, so
      coming home I had the wind over my shoulder -- and it had dropped a
      bit. Anyway, that was really nice because I could sail right in to
      the beach. Going to have to change the rudder to a kick up version
      for the future. And it's awkward getting the pin in while bobbing
      around the ocean in any case.

      Made two resolutions while I was out there -- get the new mast
      finished soon and drop 40 pounds!



      (Aye Bill, and I ken aboot the Broons tae. Grannie used to send The
      Sunday Post up to Orkney every week. Jings!)

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Will Samson" <willsamson@y...> wrote:
      > Ye ken aboot Oor Wullie!
      > I'm greatly impressed!
      > Wull
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