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41334New Year Bolger thoughts

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  • Harry James
    Jan 1, 2005
      This one has been perking around in my thoughts for quite a while, as I
      am feeling particularly maudlin this fine New Years morning I will try
      and get it down coherently.

      In early September last year I returned from a years National Guard
      mobilization. I had stopped the emails from my various Yahoo groups when
      I was mobilized. While going through demobilization at Ft McCoy
      Wisconsin I was able to get on line and I thought --what the heck-- I
      will reactivate my Yahoo accounts. I got emails started again from all
      of them and then started to read back the last few days of messages on
      the Bolger list. There you all were-- Peter L, the Bruce H's, David R
      and Sue F with the plans still not finished for the I -60 , many other
      familiar names, just like no time had passed at all. It was a tremendous
      emotional impact, I was back in a part of the world I had been
      completely separated from.

      A friend caught me furtively wiping my eyes and asked me what was wrong.
      The answer was "absolutely nothing is wrong, things are very right". I
      was really coming home.

      This group has always been a little different from other groups that I
      belong to, lots of adjective's come to mind, helpful, humorous,
      knowlegable, I have had a hard time pinning this one down. Mostly you
      are just human the way we want humans to be, all the positive stuff none
      of the negative. You are the people I would want as neighbors.

      So have a happy Bolger new year, may your tools be sharp and your
      plywood void less.

      Harry James from Juneau where the Taku is blowing, the weak winter sun
      is shining and the shop is warm and full of wood.
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