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41149Re: Another Shearwater?

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  • Nels
    Dec 15, 2004
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Will Samson" <willsamson@y...> wrote:
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      > From: pvanderwaart
      > Or maybe a Whalewatcher? Have any of those ever been launched?
      > Bill
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      There was one built somewhere in California but I never saw the
      finished product. I have always been attracted to the design as it
      has a lot of interior space to sleep four adults. Imagined myself
      using it on the big rivers and canal systems.

      I think the major drawbacks are first the huge leeboards, that
      develop lee helm when partially raised. This was improved in the
      double pivoting boards in the WJS. Whalewatcher uses a bow
      daggerboard which is a sort of "make do" complication. Secondly, it
      will probably pound a lot, especially when motoring which one would
      need to be able to do in rivers and canals. I wonder how it would
      work with a box cutwater like Super Brick and a off-center board like

      My first choice now would be BWll(Birdwatcher II) for a couple and
      WJS (William Jochems Schooner.) for four people. Either choice is far
      more somplicated than Whalewatcher but would give better all around
      performance I would guess.

      Birdwatcher is PCB's favorite all-time design which is really saying

      Cheers, Nels
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