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41115Re: [bolger] Re: Sharpie Cat design

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  • Harry James
    Dec 13, 2004
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      Check out


      Simple boat, trailerable (though not easy),


      graeme19121984 wrote:

      >I like the Martha Jane, and I've seen one marvelously modified by a
      >guy who lives aboard and cruises Tasmania to PNG full time. To fit
      >the kind of messing-about requirements I have in mind, compact,
      >quick to get in the water and relatively fast on the water, I
      >thought a multihull of some kind would fit the bill, short of going
      >to a planing powerboat. Whereas MJ would out score my old Micro, at
      >23'6" she is fairly big. If I went from 16' to over 20'in a cat I'd
      >certainly have the speed and spartan accomodation, but again it's a
      >relatively big project still without the trailing and rigging
      >complete solutions.
      >Mr bolger wrote me saying that H&H Schooner at US$100 was an
      >excellent boat if the comparatively deep keel were acceptable. There
      >are some shallows where I might go and I wonder at the practicality
      >of raising H&Hs dagger board, and though very beautiful the sailplan
      >may take too much time too rig. H&H would be great fun for longer
      >deep water bay, or offshore cruises. (Sooner or later these boats
      >would be trailed to Great Barrier Reef waters and I worry about
      >speeding in the trades over isolated emergent coral bombies :-(
      >I've no experience with trimarans, but can see the main hull might
      >allow accomodation as it can have more beam than a catamarans.Maybe
      >a sharpie hull? Also the lighter side floats should make the package
      >easier to configure for trailing. Mr Bolger answered my query about
      >the camping trimaran 'Beach Cruiser' #554 for US$100 as being a
      >design for a hull (sharpie?) using Hobie 16 floats, rig, and
      >hardware. I don't know much about it and would love to see a picture
      >or drawing. Could it be built without the Hobie hulls, out of ply?
      >Does it easily trail, rig, launch? Fast?
      >( I've said before some kind of out-rigger sailing canoe / proa
      >could be the way to go. At an L/B approaching 6.5 what about a
      >partially decked and out-riggered Zephyr? 'Gizmo'(L/B~12) , Jim
      >Michalak's take on PCB's 'Minimum Proa' seems do-able but
      >accomodation within raised topsides would be very tight.)
      >--- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Philip Smith <pbs@w...> wrote:
      >>If you want something quick to trail and launch and
      >>you haven't got your heart set on a cat, consider the
      >>Martha Jane, especially as modified.
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