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41114Re: [bolger] Re: Sharpie Cat design

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  • Harry James
    Dec 13, 2004
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      If you haven't checked out the Zeiger's home page in a while, there are
      many fine pictures of a Martha Jane in action.


      Through out the site you will see many pictures of why shallow draft is
      neat no matter where you are. I particularly like the scene in the
      summer 2003 section where they are all up a creek on Admiralty Island.
      About as much Bolger content as you can get in one scene, Martha Jane ,
      Modified AS29, dinghy's consisting of Nymph, Light Dory and June Bug.


      Philip Smith wrote:

      >If you want something quick to trail and launch and
      >you haven't got your heart set on a cat, consider the
      >Martha Jane, especially as modified.
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