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41112Re: [bolger] Re: Sharpie Cat design

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  • Harry James
    Dec 13, 2004
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      I don't think that trailer boats are really that easy especially at the
      small cruiser size. Martha Jane is certainly easier than some with the
      tabernacle mast. I know that Mark Zeiger only has to drive about 4-6
      miles to launch his Martha Jane yet he leaves it on a mooring all summer.

      I think that any thing much past 16' or so has an inertia that makes it
      hard to get up and head to the water with. You don't have the impulse
      trip when the weather beckons, it has to be well planned in advance.


      Philip Smith wrote:

      >If you want something quick to trail and launch and
      >you haven't got your heart set on a cat, consider the
      >Martha Jane, especially as modified.
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