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40837Re: Black Skimmer again

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  • mannthree
    Nov 30, 2004
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Harry James <welshman@p...> wrote:
      > I also have the Payson plans and at $40 USD they are good value.
      He is also willing to answer questions directly via telephone. I
      have not built the Skimmer (probably never will) but I was really
      captured by its beauty under sail that even the relatively poor
      quality photos could not conceal. Two things bothered me about the
      design and these were the leeboards and the 34' mast for one version
      of the rig. My uninformed opinion re the leeboards was that they
      were too much trouble to operate and the mast would be the
      proverbial "bugger" to get up and down. There is one site showing a
      tabernacle as the solution to this. It is though one of the more
      striking of the bolger designs and I also believe that a centerboard
      version has been built in New Zealand,


      John Mann (Sydney Australia)

      I have the Payson plans, clear, simple and easy to understand.
      > HJ
      > Howard Stephenson wrote:
      > >I suppose you've been to the Payson website at
      > >http://www.instantboats.com
      > >
      > >Payson sells the plans for $40. They might be slightly dearer or
      > >cheaper from Bolger, but there won't be much in it. You could
      > >fax him and ask but why bother? Payson has set up an easy way of
      > >ordering from him.
      > >
      > >The study plan at http://www.instantboats.com/images/bskimpr2.gif
      > >a composite taken from parts of two of the four sheets of plans
      > >would get from Payson. Assuming these four sheets are the same as
      > >reproduced in "The Folding Schooner", they comprise:
      > >-- sailplan plus spar and rigging details
      > >-- internal/external plan/profile plus leeboard details
      > >-- layout on plywood sheets, sections plus chine and stem details
      > >-- bulkheads, deck crown, false head
      > >
      > >The book lists a 52-point "Key to Plans". You would certainly
      > >this and most likely it is what Payson refers to as
      > >the "specifications" he provides. If it's not, someone would
      > >fax you a copy from the book.
      > >
      > >As Payson says: " ... cuddy has enough area for five adults to
      > >but is intended to be convenient for a couple using camp-type
      > >equipment; it's dry, well ventilated, with a good view out." You
      > >get a good idea of what's inside the cuddy from the study plan. A
      > >photo wouldn't help much as it's just a bare space.
      > >
      > >It is pretty, isn't it? I think leeboards look shippy, but many
      > >like them. Someone else might like to compare BS with each of the
      > >three Chebacco boats.
      > >
      > >Howard
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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