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  • Jeff
    Nov 3, 2004
      Typical blade depth on paddle wheels is to have the top of the paddle about 1 or 2 inches below the water line at rest. There are no proof in racing or pushing contest that the herringbone designs are better than just straight paddles so I would think going straight would be easier to install and maintain.

      Propellers are more efficient since they don't have to compress water on the front side and lift water on the backside of the wheel. Even with the advent of complicated tilting mechanisms that would keep the paddle at 90 degrees to the water the propeller was still more efficient.

      Your right on all accounts for the side wheelers. Any quartering waves made the boat yaw around with steering problems. Stern wheels would lift their wheels clear of the water as they went over swells which was just as bad. The only argument for paddle boats today are nastolgia.

      I'd enjoy owning one just for the wow and fun factor.


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