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  • Howard Stephenson
    Nov 2 3:45 PM
      Thanks for that, Jeff. I'll have a look at that site. Maybe it will
      lead me to an answer to questions as to: 1) how deeply do the blades
      need to be immersed and 2) whether they should be mounted radially,
      or tilted slightly. Radial mounting seems to be almost universal.

      Recently I saw an interesting TV program about early ocean-going
      paddlesteamers. I was aware of the problem of varying blade immersion
      as waves move along along the hull or as displacement varies, but
      hadn't considered that there is a steering problem when there are
      transverse waves, which cause alternate paddles to push harder. I.K.
      Brunel solution was to use fore-and-aft sails to limit the boat's
      roll and thus make paddle immersion more constant.

      No wonder the screw propellor quickly became almost universal, except
      for a few cases like the one you describe, Jeff, or for passenger
      boats on calm lakes.


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      > Here's a good site to start with
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