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  • Howard Stephenson
    Nov 2, 2004
      You're not the only one, Zack.

      Something I've never understood about paddlewheels is how to work out
      the gearing. Obviously the paddles, at the bottom of the paddlewheel,
      have to move backwards faster than the speed of the water moving past
      the hull; but how much faster? Does anyone know? And what is the rule
      of thumb that determines the under-water area of the paddle blades?

      Whatever the required speed is, the paddleshaft(s) would have to turn
      a lot slower than the half-shafts of a road-vehicle.

      Getting back to Bolger: The Folding Schooner shows, in the Toy
      Riverboat chapter, a 20'5" x 8' sidewheeler, styled like an old
      Mississippi sternwheeler. The design uses a 5 hp diesel with 2:1
      reduction, a diff and half-shafts from a VW Rabbit (I think Bolger
      owned one at the time), with a double-reduction system of belts and
      cogged wheels to drive the paddles.

      I don't think the design uses the steering system, you propose, Zac.
      This is how tracked vehicles steer, isn't it?


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Zack Tiger <zackalicious@y...> wrote:
      > I have been building rather a large number of boats
      > recently in my "cerebral boatyard".

      > As I watched this rig work, I noticed that it was a
      > diesel powered side-wheeler!
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