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  • Nels
    Nov 1, 2004
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "seagulloutb" <dickburnham1@a...>
      > Thinking about the earlier conversation here on the use/design of
      > foresails on the Chebacco, I wrote to Fraser Howell up in Nova
      > Scotia. Fraser, in my opinion, was a heck of an experimenter with
      > jibs and the like on his Chebacco. Here are his comments from a
      > private email to me:
      > =======
      > "I think that a spinnaker may be too much for an unstayed wooden
      > mast, at
      > least in anything greater that 10 kt. I've found that it is easy to
      > overpower I @ S. Plus who needs it. Chebacco goes like stink off
      > wind without one.

      Hi Roger,

      Methinks he refers to the name of his Chebacco, but I can't recall it
      right now. I will though - right after I hit the send button:-)

      Not meaning to put words in Jamie Orr's mouth but I believe what he
      was interested in, was using it when the winds are under 10 knots and
      looking like they will stay that way. Something to do before
      unshipping the yuloh or firing up the stink pot.

      Reading 100 Small Boat Rigs - Rig #51 almost looks like it is a gaff
      rig on a Micro with a spinnaker. But he goes on to explain that it is
      a scow hull with a large well forward in which a second hand can
      stand while working the spinnaker.

      This may be another reason why the latest up-date of Micro Navigator
      has a larger forward well, and a second companionway forward -
      allowing fof a spinnaker option to be suggested. Also, if an aluminum
      pipe is used for a mast, it might have the added stiffness allowing
      the spinnaker to work more efficiently than with a tapered wooden
      mast. Another option might be an untapered birdsmouth mast with some
      added carbon fiber.

      Looks like a nice option to have, if all the other changes are in

      Cheers, Nels
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