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40305Re: [bolger] Chebacco sails

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  • Roger Derby
    Nov 1 6:49 AM
      I'm going thru O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturing series again and I was struck by
      the fact that one needed to carefully time and sequence the spreading of the
      sails. Set too much, too fast and the masts go. Add small increments after
      the hull has come up to speed and you can get away with it.

      Dinghies don't have the inertia of a 50 gun ship of the line, and our
      shrouds are better stuff, but the idea's still valid.

      Sailing downwind is DANGEROUS. There's little apparent wind to let you know
      you've waited too long to reef, and if you round up or broach you get the
      full effect RIGHT NOW!

      Roger (what's "I @ S" ????)

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      From: "seagulloutb" <dickburnham1@...>

      > Thinking about the earlier conversation here on the use/design of
      > foresails on the Chebacco, I wrote to Fraser Howell up in Nova
      > Scotia. Fraser, in my opinion, was a heck of an experimenter with
      > jibs and the like on his Chebacco. Here are his comments from a
      > private email to me:
      > =======
      > "I think that a spinnaker may be too much for an unstayed wooden
      > mast, at least in anything greater that 10 kt. I've found that it is easy
      > to overpower I @ S. Plus who needs it. Chebacco goes like stink
      > off the wind without one. The only time I've been in real difficulty is
      > with too much power dead downwind. The jib is problematic. Its
      > good in light breezes, but with the main up, needs two people to
      > handle if you are going to be tacking much.
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