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399[bolger] Re: Oldshoe Builders

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  • KF4call@aol.com
    Sep 30, 1999
      In a message dated 99-09-30 08:05:57 EDT, you write:

      << I like the idea of leaving the screws in. Do you countersink them in 1/4"
      plywood or just reef them down real good?

      Would you do the same with the framing of the bulkheads?

      Mike >>
      Mike, I would think that moderation is called for in snugging down the
      screws so that the epoxy goop doesnt get squeezed out of the joint, leaving a
      dry joint that does not seal well. My plan is to use a thickener to
      compensate for the fact that the best I could do on the angles was about 2
      degrees of accuracy. Regards, Warren
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