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39599Re: Doh! Keel!!!!!!

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  • Lincoln Ross
    Oct 2, 2004
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      If the epoxy/lead part is warped, you can get the epoxy to soften if you
      heat it up, probably someplace in the vicinity of 150 to 200 degrees F.

      >Jason Stancil wrote:
      >Oh yeah, First major mistake to date. The keel will not fit the
      >batten properly. Had 2 folks from next door myself and a girlfriend
      >winching, prying, cursing, and hammering. We got it up and in place
      >but the twist is evident and totally unacceptible to me. It won't
      >straighten out (i think) because the ballast is epoxy lead and won't
      >bend like a lead pour will. Yet another reason to follow directions,
      >blah, blah blah!
      >Scratching my head, going to go boating and think about it.
      >Jason the lateral resistance challanged
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