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39593Re: Doh! Keel!!!!!!

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  • dbaldnz
    Oct 2, 2004
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      Jason, your first post said the twist was forward of the lead, in
      the shallower deadwood area. So your lead must be straight.
      (actually, a poured lead keel is probably more likely to 'creep'
      than your composite one.)
      If it's just the deadwood, can't you pull the screws, and plane and
      fill the deadwood? Or cut the front twisted piece off, fix the lead
      keel in place, and glue strips of timber in place to make up the
      original profile?

      -- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Jason Stancil" <jasonstancil@h...>
      > Oh yeah, First major mistake to date. The keel will not fit the
      > batten properly. Had 2 folks from next door myself and a
      > winching, prying, cursing, and hammering. We got it up and in
      > but the twist is evident and totally unacceptible to me. It won't
      > straighten out (i think) because the ballast is epoxy lead and
      > bend like a lead pour will. Yet another reason to follow
      > blah, blah blah!
      > Scratching my head, going to go boating and think about it.
      > Jason the lateral resistance challanged
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