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39585Re: Doh! Keel!!!!!!

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  • Jason Stancil
    Oct 1, 2004
      > You are just going to have to treat your keel better if you want
      it to co-operate and stop this leeboard nonsense!
      Don't tempt me too put a chainsaw to this evil 450lbs monster and
      make a leeboard out of it

      > First we need more details. What is it that is warped? How wet is
      the plywood? Is the lead shot epoxy area warped at all? I am
      wondering if you can lay it flat and put weight on the warped area
      forcing it to straighten?
      The twist starts forward of the casting and stops where it becomes
      all timber towards the forward end. Does that make sense? It's
      laying flat now, almost lost my fingers flipping it off the wall.

      > what kind of shoe did you install?
      glass, i never got to the sides so that's how the water soaked in,
      it's dry now.

      > If it is only a small amount - ignore it. You can tune it out with
      > the mizzen. Oooops just realized you don't have a mizzen:-(

      To further clarify my stupidity: When i installed the second
      sheathing half to the deadwood i gave the ply a little....ok a
      heafty tug to line up the two halves. At the time no problem. I
      guess my submersible basement acted as a monster steam bender after
      the epoxy cured......it held it's shape for a week before it tweaked.

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