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38064Re: Suggestions for home-built tiller extension and universal joint?

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  • pauldayau
    Aug 4, 2004
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Rob Mouradian" <r_mouradian@y...>
      > I would like to add an extension to my wooden tiller and I am
      > wondering what other people have used for a connection. I have
      > some expensive carbon-fiber rods and universal joints, but I would
      > prefer to do something cheap.
      > I have glued a piece of thik marine rope into the end of an
      aluminium tube then drilled the tiller with the right sized hole ,
      put it through and tied a knot in the end . very effective.
      My present one is an extendale aluminium mop handle. It iis real
      flsh with a press fitting to make it removable. the other end has a
      boat hook fitted to it. I sealed the inside to make it a floating
      one. The swivel joint is a swivel shackle with one end flared out and
      screwed to the tiller.
      Cheers paul
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