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38041Re: [bolger] Suggestions for home-built tiller extension and universal joint?

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  • Roger Derby
    Aug 3, 2004
      The Sunfish replaces your rope with a loose fitting SS bolt and self-locking
      nut -- adjustable play. Bush with nylon or epoxy in the holes.

      For gripping, epoxy a sail hoop to the end of your stick (adds 2" without
      adding non-standard parts).

      Works fine. (Yes, it's a bit sloppy, maybe 1/4", when the angle is 180° but
      so what? You can steer by adjusting the heel and if you heel to windward,
      it raises the sail a few inches toward the fairer wind aloft.)


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      From: "Rob Mouradian" <r_mouradian@...>

      > My first attempt was to just drill a hole through the tiller and
      > another "stick" then run a rope through both and put stopper knots on
      > both sides. That is cheap and easy and gives plenty of flex. It is
      > fine for tacking when the joint is at a sharp angle, but it seems a
      > little too loose when the tiller is pointed more or less forward.
      > Any suggestions for a "better" solution?
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