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38038Re: Suggestions for home-built tiller extension and universal joint?

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  • pvanderwaart
    Aug 3, 2004
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      > Any suggestions for a "better" solution?

      This worked very well for me.

      I made two wooden parts. The first was the actual tiller extension
      which was very light, only about 1/2" square section and 24" long. I
      would have made it sturdier, except that's the stock I had on hand.
      It worked fine.

      The second part was a sort of squared-off U shape. The opening in
      the U was a working fit for the width of the extension. The U (lying
      flat on the tiller) was pivoted on a vertical bolt thru the base of
      the U and down thru the tiller. The extension was pivoted on a
      horizontal bolt thru the arms of the U.

      Of course, you want the grain of the U to run along the arms.

      Clear? Anyway, good little universal joint, and worked like a charm.
      18' Rhodes Mariner.

      Total cost? Stock was on hand. I may have bought the bolts. Varnish
      was on-hand. Maybe $0.50.

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