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38035Re: [bolger] Re: seaworthy bolger ply designs.

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  • juan negron
    Aug 3, 2004
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      And the first time your boat falls off a big wave and you are out on
      the bow, you will know what seaworthy is.

      I recall as clear as day the first time I stood there cresting on one
      wave and looking 20 feet down into the trough I was petrified and
      when we drove down and only about a quart of water came on deck, I
      was blown away. Sure did wonders for my confidence.

      I recall bright sunny days watching 3 or 4 meter waves (they are

      In my very limited experience, and in my waters ( the Med ), I have
      learned that there usually is a size of wave, just under the size that
      will float the boat over it, that is much more dangerous than the
      large ones.

      Large waves ( unless breaking ) tend to make boats do the bottle
      cork, but the smaller ones that make the boat break them are the ones
      that stress the boat and crew, and can, if not careful, trip or break

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