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38031Re: seaworthy bolger ply designs.

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  • Lewis E. Gordon
    Aug 2, 2004

      A 23' Motorsailer from SJB #74 (I think, my collection is boxed up at
      the monent) that never went beyond the cartoon stage. Mr. Bolger was
      very enthuastic at the time about it as being the minimal seaworthy
      boat by design. (This was the early 80's.) It was the first boat with
      a "cutwater" that I remember seeing. Plywood taped seam construction.

      I still want to build it from the cartoon. I have developed the
      offsets and faired them with an old CAD program.

      (too many projects)

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Jason Stancil" <jasonstancil@h...> wrote:
      > I've been thumbing through lots of books trying to see what kind of
      > small ply boats bolger deemed seeworthy. He never seemed to doom a
      > boat but would say "in a pinch" it would do. Doesn't instill
      > confidence.
      > "seaworthy"......you decide what that means
      > AS39....it's done the atlantic, not small
      > AS29......maybe, maybe not
      > seabird 86'.......better than the original and it made it across
      > The ostar's boats.....the where designed for it right?
      > Centenial II.......not me
      > Storm petryl......made to take a beating, but not cruise
      > Micro Navigator.....susan told me NOT for circumnavigation! i didn't
      > ask......must be some crazies out there
      > Long Micro Navigator.....opinions?
      > Jessie cooper.......in a pinch
      > romp.......well proven
      > yonder.....better than romp
      > Col Hasler.........supposed to be....steel
      > etc.
      > What do you folks think? I know there are dozens of designs i have
      > never even heard off.
      > jason
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