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37980More pics of DollyT at Bolger4 + Diablo and Merlin(Marina Cruiser) Pics

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  • hhetyson
    Jul 31, 2004

      I've just uploaded a few more pictures of Dolly T into the
      Folder "Tyson's Temporary Boat shed" at the Bolger4 Photos group.
      The sail is up but the boat is still on the trailer!!!.My father has
      decided that he won't launch her till October the 2nd, which is his
      birthday. The weather is still a bit cold most days for enjoyable
      sailing at the moment!

      I've created a new folder in the files section(Bolger4photos)
      called "Tyson's Merlin and Sabre" and put some new pictures of Merlin
      ( Marina Cruiser) and of Sabre (Diablo design) in it.

      My father has nearly finished drawing the lines up for a
      Bolger "Spur II" 15'4" x 4'6" Clinker Ply rowing boat so I'll be
      posting construction photos of her as soon as she's begun(Possibly
      this week). Oh the joys of a digital camera!

      I'm still waiting to hear a recent progress report from Bolger about
      the "Silver Blaze"(Fast,Torpedo sterned speedboat based on the "Snow
      Leopard" from BWAOM) plans I commissioned him to do for me about 18
      months ago.

      Hugo Tyson, Launceston , Tasmania, Australia.
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