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37169Re: Treating Plywood for checking

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  • doug6949
    Jun 30, 2004
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, grant corson <corson@a...> wrote:
      > Doug, I never heard of xylene, is that something available at a
      > store? Sounds great

      Xylene is available at most paint stores. It is one of the ingredients
      in automotive paint reducers. I mention xylene specifically because it
      seems to have the least ill effects on epoxy strength.

      Many other solvents work just as well if all you want to do is make a
      penetrating epoxy. Methyl or denatured alcohol, acetone or just about
      any automotive paint reducer will work fine. I use acrylic enamel
      reducer because I have several gallons stashed away.

      Those of you who were on some of the old egroups boat lists remember a
      product called CPES (clear penetrating epoxy sealant). It had such a
      religous following that to suggest the possibility of making it
      yourself got you verbally assaulted. Turns out it was just generic
      epoxy with about 40% solvent added. The guy made a killing for a few
      years. Can't blame him for that but the CPES cult was reminiscent of
      Wharram catamaran groupies. Weird!

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