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36648[bolger] Re: Flat / curved ?

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  • craig o'donnell
    Jun 2, 2004
      >But that leaves me with the question: for a sort-of "narrow-like-
      >shanty-boat", the flatt hull ( 'box-style' they call it
      >at 'cimplicityboats') like f.o. off Bolger's Tennessee , isn't a good
      >idea ,because this boat isn't going to plane over the water...??

      If a boat is going to go very slow, then the "barge shape: or "scow shape"
      is no problem. When scow shapes are very large they are very efficient load
      carriers. Keep the transom out of the water. In the case of the scow keep
      both transoms out of the water.

      There is another reason for flat bottom boats. In the USA, many small
      working boats were "crossplanked" that is the boards on the bottom were
      nailed across. This makes for an easily built, cheap and very strong hull.
      Sometimes there is a little "V" to the bottom but the principle remains the

      Cheap and strong is what the fishermen wanted.

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