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36646Re: [bolger] Re: Flat / curved ?

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  • Roger Derby
    Jun 2, 2004
      One other issue with flat surfaces -- they "oil can." By introducing a
      curve (aka arch) the stresses do not reverse and the material/structure
      lasts longer.


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      From: "pvanderwaart" <pvanderwaart@...>
      > There are many complicating factors, and many different ideas. Boat
      > shape questions do not have single answers.
      > The weight of the boat is an important factor. The lighter a boat is,
      > the flatter the bottom will be. A light boat can't push a rounded
      > shape deep enough into the water. Tenessee is very light for her
      > size. Bolger uses a very flat bottom so the boat does not go deep in
      > the water. It only has to push a little surface water aside as it
      > moves along. (And it is an easy shape to build.)
      > A shanty boat built on a barge-like shape will have a flat bottom
      > because it is easy to build and will float in shallow water. It will
      > never go anywere fast, so the shape does not have to be very
      > boatlike. The flat bottom will also rock the least.
      > Peter
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