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  • Roger Derby
    Jun 1, 2004
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      Tractor Supply is a useful asset for those that have some farm equipment,
      but they do love their stuff. If you don't need the exact part, you can
      almost certainly find it cheaper somewhere else. (Of course the person
      that's earning a living with his toys will value their ability to get him
      back on the air quickly.)

      Harbor Freight, Bargain Supply, e-bay -- farm auctions are fun, but beware
      the chap that loads up a flatbed with stuff from Bargain Supply and sells it
      for a profit an hour later. I recall that some people have bought used
      boats, on a trailer, for less than the price of the trailer and then threw
      the boat away. Lots of good parts in a used trailer.

      Roger (I need a bigger barn.)

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      From: "Philip Smith" <pbs@...>

      > I noticed a bunch of trailer parts at Tractor Supply.
      > This is a farm/ranch chain with lots of outlets
      > generally east of the Missouri River. They had axels,
      > fenders, wiring, wheels, hitches and lots of
      > interesting things.
      > There may be a Tractor Supply store near you and your
      > soon to be trailer.
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