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36536Re: [bolger] Houseboat #481Trailer Question

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  • Ford and Mary Ann Walton
    May 24, 2004

      Two factors generally govern the tongue length: (1) clearance between
      boat (and winch) and tow vehicle, especially with square-bowed boats
      (don't forget the corners), and (2) balancing the trailer so that about
      10% of the total weight is supported by the hitch. I would try to have
      the tongue length at least half the width of the tow vehicle, and don't
      forget clearance between (the corners?) of the lowered tailgate and the
      winch stand. If the wheel placement is adjustable, the tongue length is
      not as important for balance, but on most ready-made trailers the wheels
      are left in place and the winch and bunks are adjusted to get the right
      amount of tongue weight.

      Good Luck,
      Ford Walton

      Paul McLellan wrote:
      > I have just cut out and mocked up the trailer for the Bolger Houseboat
      > #481. It looks inspiring and will cause me to push a little to finish
      > the boat sooner. Launch date is set for Canada day which is July 1
      > with at least a couple of trials beforehand.
      > I do have a major question on the distance from the centre of the ball
      > on the trailer hitch to the front of the boat. I have measured a few
      > trailers and the variance is quite profound from a mere 22 inches for
      > the sharpie "Turtle" to 48 inches on other trailers. Considering the
      > front of the boat is 8 feet wide and I will be pulling it with a pick
      > up which has the distance of the bumper between the ball and the tailgate.
      > Any advice or experience will be greatly appreciated. I will be
      > disassembling the trailer and bringing all the pieces to a
      > professional welder. I am extremely pleased with the design and end
      > product. I believe with the tandem axles it will be rated for a 4000
      > lb load which is very robust for the expected load of 2500 lbs for the
      > Houseboat.
      > The entire experience has been a great learning curve and the savings
      > by doing the job myself are quite significant and cuts the overall
      > price by more than half and increases quality and load factor by 1/3.
      > IMHO Thanks Paul McLellan quite elated after chopping up a quarter
      > ton of 1/8th inch square pipe and clamping like crazy. thanks Bruce
      > for inspiring me to have a lot of "C" clamps on hand.
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