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36291Re: micro sheer clamp......how?

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  • Jason Stancil
    May 3, 2004
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      Peter- thanks for the explaination on both the keel and the rub
      I did'nt realize you used a different keel assembly than the plans,
      thanks though. I think the keel assembly want be too tough. I'm
      going to build it up after i glass the hull and get the batten on,
      then i'm just going to set it aside till i drag her out for the
      finishing and mount it then. The flipping was brutal the first time.
      I've since added the two navigator frames and pulled thge temps and
      i've started the seat and air box framing so it should be a good 50 -
      75 lbs. heavier the 2nd time around. Then once i get the glass and
      wpoxy on another 15.......i better start being nice to the neibor
      kids......the pissed me off saying it was goofy looking :)

      Bruce thanks for the rub rail info.

      I got my sheer claps on both inner and outer on one side i'll do the
      other some time this week. My problem was i was trying to use 1.5
      x .75 to beef it up........tisk, tisk. Not what bolger specified. I
      went with the .75(+)x.75(+) and it flopped right in place.....only a
      few curses to persuade it. I used oak for the rails and everone here
      says "oak don't glue and rots easy" so I clamped both sides in place
      and just drove some 2" stainless screws right through the outside
      rail through the hull and only in one or to places did the tips poke
      through the inner rail......all of those places out of sight in the
      flooding wells....i'll grind them later. I measured the screws and
      spaced them evenly the SS heads seated nice and look good. I'll coat
      it all with epoxy so the water stays out.

      As for the rub rail, i've got to make a little scribe/transfer jig
      as my marks are on the inside of the hull (dumb!). Like you said
      bruce tough to bend the 2 inches up to follow the sheer so i'm
      laminating several pieces together like you did. I noticed that the
      navigator sheet shows bigger rails and i figured if they were 1.5
      inches thick i could scoot around the cabin using those and the hand
      rails i'm going to put on the cabin top......there i go again
      deviating from the plans. It's your fault bruce i thought yours
      looked good. If it was'nt for your pictures and oink online i'd be

      Thanks for everyones help

      Launch by 2027 or bust!
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