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36290RE: [bolger] Re: micro sheer clamp......how?

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  • Paul Lefebvre
    May 3, 2004
      I just mounted my rubrails on Saturday so it's fresh in my mind that the
      standard plans call for 2: 1/2" thick layers, the inner one is supposed to
      be 2 1/2" by 1/2", outer is something like 1 1/4" x 1/2". I'd decided to go
      with a single piece of 3/4" x 2 1/2" but it just wouldn't make the bend; I
      ripped 1/2" off and the 3/4" x 2" rails went on, but still required a fair
      bit of force.

      I'd pre-bent my rails by suspending them between a bench and a stool and
      leaving a 40lb weight on the middle for about 2 weeks; this made them sag to
      almost follow the boat's hull shape by themselves in the horizontal; but the
      bend in the vertical dimension was tough! They are now temporarily screwed
      on, before sticking them on chemically I will pull the boat out of the shed
      and have a look from different angles/distances to be sure I'm happy, for as
      Peter mentioned, this line is very important in the overall appearance of
      the boat. I plan to leave them screwed on for a couple weeks and work on
      other stuff, let 'em get used to their new shape a bit before I go back and
      wrestle with them again to get the epoxy in between them and the hull; might
      make it go a bit easier.

      By the way Peter, thanks for the tip on the Sikkens Cetol. Great stuff;
      really rich color and very easy to work with! Makes my bargain
      pseudo-mahogany look like expensive teak!

      Paul Lefebvre

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      From: Bruce Hallman [mailto:bruce@...]

      > the micro rubrail

      Worth mentioning, [if you have not
      already noticed.] The rubrail bends
      in two directions. I don't have
      my plans handy, but I recall the
      Micro rubrail is about 3/4" by 2"?

      The 3/4" direction bends easily with
      the width of the boat, but the 2"
      direction is a much tougher bend
      following the shear line.
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